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About Us

Aloha, I am Grace!

Education is my passion & teaching yoga and mindfulness to kids is a dream come true.  

As a former reading specialist, testing coordinator, and teacher I saw firsthand how the daily stressors of life impacted kids negatively.  Teaching children important and lifelong strategies to manage daily stressors is key in fostering healthy lives.

My Masters in Education, B.A. in Psychology and B.S. in Education, along with my various teaching experiences have given me a great deal of experience working with children.

I have three children of my own that I absolutely adore! They inspire me daily to model and lead a mindful, healthy and peaceful life.  Other encounters with awesome kids included coaching Girls on the Run and leading Girl Scouts, which again, lead me to guide kids with self-acceptance, love and stress management.    

After training with Kathy Smith of Yogativity, I fell in love with this program and knew I needed to continue to share the practice.  YogiLoha combines all of my favorite teaching practices and experiences together.  I believe in fostering inner peace, happiness, kindness and compassion in all students I am lucky to teach.  

My mantra & mission is to 


Christine began her love of yoga over 15 years ago. After working in the MCPS, being a community volunteer, a Girl Scout Troop leader and a United States Naval Academy sponsor parent to 3 midshipmen, she jumped on the opportunity to study with Kathy Smith, creator of the Yogativity Program.

As a mother of three children, Chris has learned how difficult it is for children to guide themselves through this new world of social, emotional and academic anxiety. The mindfulness portion of Yogativity has taught her own children how to be present in the moment and focus on the task at hand as well as guide them through times of stress and anxiety before exams, games or social situations. Yoga provides them with a challenge both mentally and physically by teaching relaxation along with strength and flexibility.

Chris is honored to be able to teach students how to find peace within themselves and bring an attitude of self-discovery, consciousness and of course, FUN to every class. Her mission is to help children be the best and healthiest version of themselves.

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